TEDxYouth@RafflesInstitution speakers include students, staff, and distinguished alumni sharing about "Impact", including that in the scientific, technological, artistic, medical, philanthropic, humanitarian field. The videos of each speaker's talk will be made available by September 2022.

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Eric Li

Eric Li Watch Talk

TEDx Founder & Speaker

Professor Alex Siow

Prof. Alex Siow Watch Talk

Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS)

Theodoric Chew

Theodoric Chew Watch Talk

Co-founder & CEO, Intellect

Alvin Kuek

Alvin Kuek Watch Talk

CEO & Co-Founder of Mind Stretcher Education Group

Denyse Chan

Denyse Chan Watch Talk

Singapore National Fencer & Sport Excellence (spex) Scholar

Chun Soon Kon

Chun Soon Kon Watch Talk

Founder of Worksider

Kahhow Lee

Kahhow Lee Watch Talk

Educator and Founder of String

Geraldine Tan

Geraldine Tan Watch Talk


Chua Kah Hwee

Chua Kah Hwee Watch Talk

Youth Counselor

Alex Li

Alex Li Watch Talk

Year 6 Student

Kareena Shanice Kumar

Kareena Shanice Kumar Watch Talk

Year 6 Student

Teo Sui Leng

Teo Sui Leng Watch Talk

Year 6 Student

Zu Lilian

Zu Lilian Watch Talk

Year 5 Student

Ilangovan Harishiga

Ilangovan Harishiga Watch Talk

Year 5 Student

Kushagra Kesarwani

Kushagra Kesarwani Watch Talk

Year 4 Student

Santusht Narula

Santusht Narula Watch Talk

Year 4 Student

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